Standard setting procedure review meeting report has been posted!

Publicado on Vie, 26 Jun 2015, 09:55

From 13 to 15 May a meeting was held on the Revision of the IPPC Standard setting procedure (SSP) at FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy. The meeting report has been posted and is available at

The group agreed that the revision was exclusively applicable to the current procedure as adopted by CPM-7 (2012). The group discussed the scope of the meeting and agreed that it would be to “adjust the procedure to ensure that it facilitates the development of technically sound standards through a transparent process that truly engages IPPC members”.

Possible modifications to several steps in the standard setting process were discussed and the outcomes from this meeting will be submitted to the Standards Committee for their consideration. The proposed changes to the SSP would then be recommended to CPM-11 (2016).



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