Seeking feedback from non-governmental stakeholders

Publicado on Jue, 28 Sep 2006, 10:10

At the request of the Seventh Session of the Interim Commission on Phytosanitary Measures in April 2005, FAO is undertaking an independent evaluation of the workings of the International Plant Protection Convention and its Institutional Arrangements. The evaluation will provide input on future policy, organizational structure, funding negotiations, strategy and management of the IPPC. Preliminary findings will be submitted to the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) and the final evaluation report will be presented to the FAO Governing Bodies.

The evaluation includes country visits and the evaluation team is consulting widely with stakeholders including regional and national plant protection organizations, producers, industry, and traders.

In addition to a questionnaire sent to the IPPC contracting parties and to the FAO members, the evaluation team is seeking feed-back from non-governmental stakeholders and would appreciate if parties concerned would assist the team by filling out the attached questionnaire.

Please note that responses should be sent to either electronically (preferably) or by fax to:+(39)06 5705 4403. All responses should be received by 10 November 2006.

I thank you very much for your collaboration in completing this questionnaire and look forward to your reply.

Dr Lukas Brader Evaluation Team Leader

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