Side event on the new Plant Health Regime in the European Union organized at CPM-12 in Incheon, Republic of Korea

Publicado on Lun, 10 Abr 2017, 03:24

The European Union organized a side session on its new plant health regime, including new laws, strategy, and updated approach in preventing new pests from entering the EU.

Harry Arijs, Deputy Head of the European Commission’s DG Health and Food Safety Plant Health Unit gave an informative presentation to participants during a side session that highlighted the new regulation adopted in 2016 by the European Parliament and European Council.

The new EU Plant Health Law will come into effect from mid-December of 2019, hopefully on the eve of the International Year of Plant Health, and includes updated provisions on regulated pests, regulated areas, notification, surveillance of the territory, outbreak management, eradication, crisis preparedness, registration of professional operators that are authorized to issue plant passports, traceability of plants, phytosanitary certificates for exports, import regime and import checks, harmonized policy on food chains and financial regulations The new regulation is based on the IPPC and its standards.

Discussion also covered the new plant health strategy, supported by a new financial framework and a horizontal legal framework that will give the EU a stronger footing to face the challenges that globalized trade and climate change present.

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