The CPM Bureau Meeting Held in Washington DC, USA

Publicado on Jue, 06 Jul 2017, 14:49

The CPM Bureau met for its annual June meeting on 20-23 June 2017 in Washington DC, USA. The meeting was chaired by Lois RANSOM, the CPM Chair, and opened by Jingyuan XIA the IPPC Secretary. The meeting was attended by the Bureau members of Lucien KOUAME KONAN, Marie-Claude FOREST, Francisco Javier TRUJILLO ARRIAGA, Corné VAN ALPHEN and Kyu-Ock YIM, as well as the IPPC Secretariat core team members of Craig FEDCHOCK, Brent LARSON, Orlando SOSA, Dorota BUZON and Marko BENOVIC. The Director of the FAO Liaison Office Vimlendra SHARADAN welcomed the CPM Bureau Members and the IPPC Secretariat staff to the premises of FAO Liaison Office in Washington DC.

The main objectives and activities of this Bureau meeting were: 1) to update the progress report of the IPPC Secretariat for 2017, review Bureau Report in March, brief CPM Financial Committee meeting in June, and follow up implementation of ePhyto pilot project; 2) to discuss in depth a variety of issues, such as criteria for joint call for phytosanitary issues, International Year of Plant Health 2020 and International Day of Plant Health, establishment of task force for sea containers and IPPC stakeholder’s advisory body, and sustainable funding mechanism for the IPPC work programme; 3) to plan for CPM 13 in 2018, and SPG in October 2017; and 4) to organize a special session on eCommerce. The major outcomes of the Bureau meeting are highlighted as follows:

  • Developed the provisional agendas for CPM-13 (2018) and its special session and side events, as well as for SPG in October 2017.
  • Established a new oversight body for Implementation (IC), a Focus Group for development of joint criteria for the call for phytosanitary issues, and the Terms of References and Rules of Procedure of the Sea Containers Task Force.
  • Decided new arrangements for emerging issues through giving RPPOs a major role in the process, a closer cooperation with the World Bank to pursue funding options for various IPPC projects, and a wider involvement among “Sisters” (IPPC, OIE and CODEX) in ephyto and Online Comments System.
  • Supported a close cooperation with WCO and CBD, as well as the relevant global industry groups and associations.
  • Reinforced commitment to the organization of the IYPH 2020, and to the development of the IPPC Strategic Framework for 2020-2030.
  • Agreed to plan the annual work and budget for the IPPC Secretariat by one year ahead, and to develop the Sustainable funding mechanism for the IPPC work programme through two approaches: the Supplementary Contribution Systems based on the trade volume of the Contracting Parties, and the Pay as You Go for the emergent issues.

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