The Year of the 'Organization of the NPPO' from April 2015 to March 2016

Publicado on Vie, 24 Abr 2015, 14:38

In July 2014, during the first meeting of the National Reporting Obligations Advisory Group (NROAG), it was agreed that every year would be dedicated to a different national reporting obligation.

The period up to CPM-10 (March 2015) became the NRO Year of the IPPC Official Contact Point focusing on the IPPC official contact points (OCP): awareness raising, updating of the OCP information and increasing the activity of OCPs in general. This was a very successful activity and the IPPC Secretariat would like to thank everyone who contributed to its fruitful outcome, particularly the Official Contact Points, Regional Plant Protection Organizations and FAO Plant Protection Officers that supported this initiative.

In March 2015 during the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures CPM-10 it was announced that the period leading up to CPM-11 would become the NRO Year of the Organization of the NPPO. This period would last from April 2015 until March 2016. The Year will focus on different aspects of the functioning of the National Plant Protection Organization, mainly its descriptive aspects. The Secretariat is looking forward to your continued support in updating, contributing to and raising awareness regarding this activity.

You can now read our first edition of NROs UPDATE containing information on the organization of the NPPO. More information will appear in the new directory: which you can find under the National Reporting Obligations:

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