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Determinación de la condición de una plaga en un área

Mar, 24 May 2022, 14:13
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This standard describes the use of pest records and provides other information to determine pest status in an area. Pest status categories are defined and a description of the use of pest status for pest reporting is provided. This standard also provides guidance on the possible sources of uncertainty associated with information used to determine pest status.

2022-05-24: ISPM 8 as noted by CPM-16 (2022) following the Language Review Groups (LRGs) work in AR, ES, RU and ZH, respectively, has been published.

2021-05-16: ISPM 8 as adopted by CPM-15 (2021) following a full revision, has been posted in all FAO languages. All previous versions, including unofficial FAO languages’ translations, have been revoked.

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