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New standards adopted and key standards revised during the sixth session of the CPM; focus group to work on improving the standards setting process

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Opening speeches at CPM-6

In addition to adopting four strategic objectives for 2012-2019, the Commission also adopted new International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs) and identified the need to improve the standards setting process.

Early in the meeting, the CPM adopted three new phytosanitary treatments and an appendix to ISPM 26 on fruit fly trapping.

Discussions in two evening sessions and in the margins of the meeting addressed the more than 600 comments received 14 days prior to the CPM on the revisions of ISPM 7 (Phytosanitary certification system) and ISPM 12 (Phytosanitary certificates), culminating in the adoption of these ...

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Commission observes a moment of silence for disaster victims

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On 14 March 2011, the sixth session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures commenced at FAO Headquarters in Rome. Mr. Mohammad Katbeh Bader, the Chair of the CPM, began the meeting by asking the CPM to observe a minute of silence for victims of the recent earthquakes and tsunami in the Pacific.

Mr. Motoi Sakamura, delegate of Japan, extended appreciation to the CPM for its support during the recent national disaster. He informed the Commission that two plant quarantine stations had been destroyed but thankfully staff from those stations had not been injured. Mr. Yukio Yokoi, the Secretary of the ...

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Scientific session at CPM-6 to examine approaches for addressing pest risks associated with grains and wood

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GrainsEach year, the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures holds a “scientific session” to consider emerging issues, such as new technologies or new pest threats. Past scientific sessions have addressed issues such as the potential impact of climate change on pest spread, food aid as a pathway for the transboundary movement of pests, aquatic plants as pests, and flaws in the current system for preventing pest spread.

The speakers for CPM-6 have been announced – click here to view the programme for this year’s scientific session.

Gary C. Martin, President and Chief Executive Officer of the North American Export Grain Association, will ...

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Forum raises awareness about the IPPC and other priority work of the FAO

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Yukio Yokoi speaking to Forum on Impact Focus AreasOn 1 March 2011, an informal meeting was held at FAO Headquarters in Rome to raise awareness of the FAO’s Impact Focus Areas (IFAs). FAO members have recognized the IFAs – which include the International Plant Protection Convention – as the FAO’s priority areas of work over the next four years. All Members and resource partners that have provided voluntary contributions to the FAO since 2008 were invited to the forum, and more than 60 representatives of countries and international organizations participated in the event.

During the forum, Yukio Yokoi, the IPPC ...

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