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Member consultation on draft Diagnostic Protocols open!

Размещено on Птн, 30 Янв 2015, 12:30

The following draft DPs were submitted for member consultation through the Online Comment System from 30 January to 30 June 2015:

Draft Annex to ISPM 27 – Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (2004-016)

Draft Annex to ISPM 27 – Citrus tristeza virus (2004-021)

Draft Annex to ISPM 27 – Tomato spotted wilt virus, Impatiens necrotic spot virusand Watermelon silver mottle virus (2004-019)

Draft Annex to ISPM 27 – Xiphinema americanum sensu lato (2004-025)

Draft Annex to ISPM 27– Genus Liriomyza (2006-017)

More information on the member consultation is available here.

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Online Comment System: Request For Information posted on UNGM website!

Размещено on Чтв, 29 Янв 2015, 12:30

The IPPC Secretariat through the FAO Procurement team has submitted a Request For Information through a Public Notice on the website of the United Nations General Market (UNGM), with the purpose of obtaining information on the availability of software products to replace the current IPPC Online Comment System (OCS).

For more information, check the UNGM website at

Thanks for your kind assistance in circulating the notice.

The IPPC Secretariat

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First Announcement - 1st Meeting of the Phytosanitary Temperature Treatment Expert Group 17-20 August 2015, Nelspruit, South Africa

Размещено on Срд, 21 Янв 2015, 12:29

This is the first announcement of the 1st Meeting of the Phytosanitary Temperature Treatment Expert Group (PTTEG), which will gather to discuss and act upon international phytosanitary treatment issues from 17-20 August, 2015, at Nelspruit, South Africa. Issues will be treated from research, regulatory, and commercial-application angles, thus, representatives from all three groups are encouraged to attend.

The PTTEG was formed at the Expert Consultation on Cold Treatments (ECCT) organized by the Secretariat of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and hosted by the national plant protection organization of Argentina in Buenos Aires, 2-6 December 2013. The ECCT was organised ...

Тег: Phytosanitary Temperature Treatment Expert GroupPTTEG
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IPPC Secretariat Meets with CBD Executive Secretary

Размещено on Срд, 21 Янв 2015, 10:25

(Rome, 20 January 2015). Members of the IPPC Secretariat met with Convention on Biological Diversity Executive Secretary Dr. Braulio Dias for a detailed discussion on the relationship between the two Secretariats of the two conventions. Among other things, they discussed revision of the joint work plan, and other opportunities related to the Liaison Group on Biodiversity. Both Secretariats are focused on enhancing their relationship to work on matters of mutual interest as well as to push forward in order to meet the Aichi Targets.

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CBD and its Global Taxonomy Initiative is calling for experts to the Training Course on Rapid Identification of Invasive Alien Species

Размещено on Втр, 20 Янв 2015, 12:30

The Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)1 is calling for experts to attend a training course as part of the Global Taxonomy Initiative (GTI)2. The course entitled: “Rapid Identification of Invasive Alien Species” is intended to help countries in achieving the Aichi Biodiversity Target 9 a. The training course will cover the application of DNA barcoding in detection and monitoring priority invasive alien species, plant pests and zoonotic disease vectors. This course will provide opportunities for participants to develop national capacity in detection and management of invasive alien species, including pests that threaten the health of ...

Тег: CBDGlobal TaxonomyTraining CourseIdentificationInvasive Alien Species
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The NRO Newsletter: NROs UPDATE

Размещено on Птн, 16 Янв 2015, 16:54

Since October 2014 the IPPC Secretariat has been distributing a monthly newsletter on National Reporting Obligations called the "NROs UPDATE”. The English version is the first to be made available and all other language versions are uploaded onto the IPP as they get translated. For further information, please visit: Based on advice received from the IPPC NRO Advisory Group (NROAG) the period from July 2014 to March 2015 is known as the “Year of the IPPC Official Contact Point”. This is to increase national awareness on the importance of IPPC Official Contact Points ...

Тег: NROsContact Points
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Republic of Korea to Host Global ePhyto Symposium

Размещено on Птн, 16 Янв 2015, 10:17

The Republic of Korea will be hosting a Global Symposium on ePhtyo later this year. The tentative dates for this event are 9-13 November 2015. As additional information becomes available it will be shared on this web page. We encourage all interested contracting parties to attend what will be a very important activity related to ePhyto.

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Olives under attack in Italy

Размещено on Птн, 09 Янв 2015, 15:24

The Guardian recently drew attention to a new threat to the olive trees of Italy, and by extension the rest of Europe, already suffering in 2014 from extensive attacks by olive fruit flies (Bactrocera oleae). Leaf Scorch, caused by the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa, has infected thousands of hectares of olive groves in the southern Italian province of Apulia.

An expert panel of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) warned this week that “establishment and spread in the EU is very likely,” and that there could be yield losses and other damage. Control would be costly. The disease blocks the vessels ...

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IPPC Efforts Toward a Seed Standard in the News

Размещено on Птн, 09 Янв 2015, 15:16

The initial issue of the European Seed Magazine has reported on the latest developments regarding the IPPC's effort to develop a seed standard. The article can be found at the following link:

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