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IPPC Secretariat Enhancement Evaluation Available

Размещено on Чтв, 26 Фев 2015, 15:57

The 2015 IPPC Secretariat Enhancement Evaluation is now available. Download it here.

Image: Butterfly, by Albert Bierstadt.

The new User and Editor Guide to the IPP

Размещено on Срд, 25 Фев 2015, 16:33

The IPPC Secretariat has prepared a new User and Editor Guide to the IPP in regard to the new release of the website. At the moment the Guide consists of the Module IV A (Accessing your account & Data entry and ...

Technical Panel for the Glossary report: advances in limiting pest introduction and spread

Размещено on Срд, 25 Фев 2015, 15:12

The report of the December 2014 meeting of the Technical Panel for the Glossary (TPG) has been posted today.

In the words of the TPG Steward, terms are the most important building blocks to ensure harmonized understanding and ultimately facilitating ...

Comments by contracting parties to CPM papers

Размещено on Втр, 24 Фев 2015, 11:06

Contracting parties to the IPPC may submit written comments to any of the CPM papers to the IPPC Secretariat via email at [email protected] The deadline for submitting these comments is March 4th.


Las partes contratantes de la CIPF ...

Reminder: Membership and Potential Replacements for CPM Subsidiary Bodies

Размещено on Птн, 20 Фев 2015, 12:02

Today, February 20th, 2015, is the deadline to submit nominations for membership and potential replacements for the two subsidiary bodies of the Commission of Phytosanitary Measures: the Standards Committee (SC) and the Subsidiary Body on Dispute Settlement (SBDS). Submission of ...

Protecting the world's plant resources from pests through harmonized diagnostic protocols

Размещено on Чтв, 12 Фев 2015, 10:10

The IPPC Secretariat was invited to provide the opening lecture at the 38th Sao Paulo Phytopathology Congress (Congresso Paulista de Fitopatologia) in Araras, Brazil (10 - 12 February 2015). Represented by Ms. Adriana G. Moreira, the lecture entitled Protecting the world ...

Subscribe to the IPPC Newsletter

Размещено on Срд, 11 Фев 2015, 10:48

Do you have an interest in plants and plant health? Are you concerned about all the alien pests species that are causing damage to agriculture and the environment? Find out about the activities we are trying to do something about ...

Celebration of World Wildlife Day 2015: Wildlife crime is serious

Размещено on Птн, 06 Фев 2015, 12:01

3 March is the World Wildlife Day.

This is the day that the IPPC''s Biodiversity Liaison Group partner, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was adopted in 1973.

CITES is one ...

Draft ISPMs for adoption by CPM-10 posted | Projets de normes pour adoption par la CMP-10 publiés | Proyectos de NIMF para adopción por la CMF-10 publicados

Размещено on Пнд, 02 Фев 2015, 12:30

The draft International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures that will be presented to CPM-10 (2015) for adoption have been posted in all FAO languages.

Please refer to CPM 2015/06 and attachments: https://www.ippc.int/core-activities/governance/cpm

Formal objections ...

The list of adopted DPs is growing! Potato spindle tuber viroid PSTVd) is adopted.

Размещено on Пнд, 02 Фев 2015, 10:30

The Standards Committee (SC) on behalf of the CPM has adopted one new Diagnostic Protocol (DP): Annex to ISPM 27. (Diagnostic protocols for regulated pests): Potato spindle tuber viroid. Up to now, seven diagnostic protocols were adopted by the Commission ...



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