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IPPC Regional Workshop presentations now available in Russian!

Размещено on Втр, 28 Авг 2018, 12:27

All 2018 IPPC Regional Workshop presentations are now available in Russian at: https://www.ippc.int/en/core-activities/capacity-development/regional-ippc-workshops/2018-ippc-regional-workshops/.

All-Russian Quarantine Center (VNIIKR) and EPPO are greatly thanked for undertaking these translations.

Five new IPPC Diagnostic Protocols adopted!

Размещено on Чтв, 16 Авг 2018, 20:11

The IPPC Secretariat is happy to announce that five new diagnostic protocols (DPs) have been adopted by the Standards Committee (SC) on behalf of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) as the DP Notification Period just closed on 15 August ...

CPM recommendation on NGS technologies consultation period is now closed and the compiled comments are posted!

Размещено on Чтв, 16 Авг 2018, 15:06

The compiled comments for the consultation on CPM recommendation: Next Generation Sequencing technologies as a diagnostic tool for phytosanitary purposes have been posted on the IPP:


Please check the above document ...

CPM-13 report available in languages

Размещено on Втр, 07 Авг 2018, 14:01

CPM-13 report is now available in all FAO languages and can be downloaded from here.


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