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Australian funds support raising awareness about the IPPC

Posted on Чт, 12 Авг 2010, 08:10

Fruit fly exclusion zone in Australia, photo by LonghairIPPC member countries share the common goal of Cooperation between nations in protecting the world s cultivated and natural plant resources from the spread and introduction of pests of plants, while minimizing interference with the international movement of goods and people. Thus, the IPPC is relevant to the livelihoods of farmers, trade, agriculture and protection of the environment.

Funding from Australia is supporting the IPPC communications and advocacy programme which will highlight the importance of the IPPC in facilitating the safe trade of plants and plant products, and in protecting food security. In addition, policy and decision makers need to understand the substantial risks associated with the introduction of new pests.

A communications expert is developing advocacy material that can be used by all countries and this should be available in the foreseeable future. This is a global initiative that will build on synergies with national communication initiatives.

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