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Posted on Ср, 04 Апр 2012, 08:10

The CPM Bureau agreed duringits meeting on Friday 23rd March that it would be useful to send out periodic updates and reminders about aspects of the CPM work. We hope you find this useful.

Article XIV Questionnaire

A generic questionnaire covering all Article XIV bodies has now been sent out by FAO Legal to Permanent representatives based in Rome. If youhaven t received this or been advised by your country s permanentrepresentative how they intend to handle responses you should get in touch with them. A deadline of 25th April2012 has been set for responses so there is not too much time to ensure that the IPPC s interests are covered in the response.

Communications Strategy

This important area of the work has been somewhat displaced by otherpriorities but is key to raising awareness about the IPPC and plant health in general, in order to help attract funding and develop understanding about the importance of this work. The Secretariat circulated a draft during CPM and need your comments on this by 1st May 2012. Comments to David Nowell.

Science Session at CPM-8

The Bureau meeting in June hopes toreach agreement on a shortlist oftopics for the science sessionat CPM-8. Early agreement will help the Secretariat planin advanceandmake arrangements withpotential speakers. If youhave any suggestions for suitable topics, which should be of global interest, pleasesend these totheCoordinatorCraig Fedchock, or to the Bureau member representing your region.

Cut-off date for CPM-8 papers

The Bureau hasasked the Secretariat to establish a cut-off dateof February 10th 2013for postingofpapers for CPM-8. We hope thiswill address the perennial problem of late papers. The Bureau will also be holding an extra meeting in December 2012 to help the Secretariatfocus on its preparation of CPM papers.

Bureau approval of SBDS proposal for IRSS to collect data and analyze information regarding ISPM 13

The Bureau agreed a proposal from SBDS on the implementation of ISPM 13. Thisis in effectpart of the overall study, as directed by CPM-6, to review the IPPC dispute settlement system and the roleofSBDS. The IRSS team will be working on this in the coming months. ISPM 15 mark

Member countries in which theISPM 15mark is not registered (including those invited to the evening session on this issue) need to consider the matter and undertake theregistrationprocesswithin their countries. FAO Legal Officecanadviseyouon this process.

As a reminder the CPM Bureau members for 2012-2014 are:

Africa: Lucien Kouamé, Cote d Ivoire; [email protected]

Asia: Kyu-Ock Yim, Republic of Korea;[email protected]

Europe: Steve Ashby, UK;[email protected]

Near East: Mohammad Katbeh Bader, Jordan; [email protected]

North America: John Greifer, USA; [email protected]

South and Central America and the Caribbean: Francisco Gutierrez, Belize;[email protected]

South-West Pacific: Lois Ransom, Australia; [email protected]

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