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Newly formatted ISPMs have been uploaded on the IPP.

Posted on Чт, 12 Янв 2012, 08:10

Newly reformatted ISPMs have been posted on the IPP (https://www.ippc.int/index.php?id=13399 ) in English. These have been revised to help ensure consistency between past and newly adopted standards and follow the newly developed IPPC Style Guide. These reformatted ISPMs were uploaded as PDF files so that it allows users flexibility in combining the ISPMs into specialized books of standards as needed (for example a book of standards on PRA).


In addition, taking this opportunity, the following points were incorporated into these ISPMs:

Publication history - Record of milestones for standards setting

The new format now includes a record of milestones from the initial addition of the concept to the List of topics through to the adoption of the ISPM.. This history will be helpful to understand the process of development for each standard. Stakeholder are encouraged to review this history and inform the Secretariat ([email protected]) of any errors or omissions.


ISPM 27 and ISPM 28 - attached Index for adopted Annexes & All FAO language

New appendices were added to ISPM 27 and ISPM 28 which list the adopted diagnostic protocols and phytosanitary treatments respectively and will provide a quick reference. In addition, you will notice that we have posted the Annexes to ISPM 27 (diagnostic protocols) and ISPM 28 (phytosanitary treatments) individually in all FAO languages to make it is easier for users to combine them as needed (for example to combine treatments for a specific pest).


Incorporation of ink- amendments

Ink-amendments, which had been noted by CPM-5 and CPM-6, were applied to ISPM 3, 5, 10, 13, 14, 22 and Supplement 1 to ISPM 5.

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