Strengthening Bilateral Cooperation between the IPPC and the EC

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Photograph: Meeting with DG TRADE and DG SANTE

The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) have a very strong cooperation with the European Commission (EC). For the past decade, the EC has provided the generous and continuous financial support to the IPPC Work Programme, notably the travel support for the IPPC contracting parties, the implementation of the IPPC and its ISPMs, and the IRSS. For further strengthening of bilateral cooperation between the IPPC and the EC, Mr Jingyuan Xia, the IPPC Secretary, led a delegate (composed of Mr Craig Fedchock, Mr Orlando Sosa, Mr Marko Benovic and Mr Tommaso Teti from the IPPC Secretariat) to pay an official visit to the EC headquarters in Brussels from 1-2 June 2017. The IPPC delegate held a series of the meetings with DG DEVCO, DG TRADE, DG SANTE and DG ENV (Environment) as well as FAOLOB - FAO Liaison Office in Brussels.

The IPPC delegate met with Mr Hans Stausboll, Head of Unit 2 from DG DEVCO. This was the first meeting between IPPC Secretariat and DG DEVCO with the purpose to search for possible joint initiatives including funding opportunities. The priority actions of the Unit 2 are closely related to the IPPC mission and objectives, such as on trade (regional trade facilitation, trade standards, sanitary and phytosanitary standards, and capacity building) and on environment (biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture, climate change, and ecosystem management). Through this meeting, the IPPC managed to introduce its activities to the Unit 2, and to obtain relevant information on its new financial allocation. As a result, the IPPC has been put directly in contact with the related Regional Bodies (SADC, COMESA and EAC), and the EC officers in charge at local level for the further actions.

The IPPC delegate had a meeting with Mr Zoltân Somogyi (Head of Unit 3 from DG TRADE) and Mr Francisco Tristante (Policy Officer at Unit 3 from DG TRADE), as well as Mr Harry Arijs (Deputy Head of Unit G1 from DG SANTE) and Mr Roman Vagner (Policy Officer at Unit G1 from DG SANTE). The main objectives of the meeting were to brief the closure of two IPPC projects funded by EC (the GCP/GLO/311/EC---travel support for developing countries, and the GCP/GLO/391/EC---IRSS); to report the progress of one renewed IPPC project funded by EC (Implementation of the IPPC and its ISPMs); and to discuss the Renewal of IRSS project (third cycle). Though the meeting, the EC was quite satisfied with results of two closed IPPC projects, and the progress of the ongoing project. Based on the extensive discussion, The EC agreed to take a further step for proceeding to plan the third cycle of IRSS project. It was agreed that both sides will have a meeting on the third cycle of IRSS project at FAO-HQ in late July.

The IPPC delegate held a meeting with Mr Humberto Delgado Rosa (Director of Directorate D - Natural Capital from DG ENV) and Mr Stefan Leiner (Head of Unit on Biodiversity at Directorate D from DG ENV). This was the first meeting between IPPC Secretariat and DG ENV with the purpose to understand possible joint initiatives including funding opportunities. Through the meeting, the IPPC understood that DG ENV has mainly a policy role, which could be a key stakeholder for the IPPC at policy level, and could also influence the resource allocations of other DGs, especially DG DEVCO. DG ENV showed its interest in attending some activities for 2018 IPPC annual theme Plant Health and Environment Protection to get better known about the IPPC.

Finally, the IPPC delegate met with Ms Cristina Amaral (Director of FAOLOB) and her colleagues Ms Zoé Druilhe, Ms Susana Gaona Saez and Ms Isabel Denis. The main objectives of the meeting were to brief on the entire mission and achievements, and to search for their further support with the follow up actions. Through the meeting, both sides got a better understanding of each other s mandates, and a good consensus in areas for the further cooperation with EC, such as ePhyto, e-commerce, dispute avoidance, and the emergent pests. With this improved knowledge on the IPPC, FAOLOB is in a good position for a better assistance to the IPPC from Brussels.

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Photograph: Meeting with DG DEVCO

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