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International meeting - Innovative and sustainable approches to control the Red Palm Weevil (RPW)

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CIHEAM Bari and FAO will organize a three-days meeting at CIHEAM Bari on 23-25 October 2018 entitled: "International meeting - Innovative and sustainable approches to control the Red Palm Weevil (RPW)". More information is available here.

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Международный семинар по Xylella fastidiosa, организованный ФАО, МККЗР и Международным центром CIHEAM, успешно прошел в г. Бари, Италия

Размещено on Срд, 04 Май 2016, 13:25

Международный семинар по Xylella fastidiosa и синдрому быстрого увядания оливковых деревьев успешно прошел с 19 по 22 апреля 2016 г. в г. Бари, Италия. Семинар был организован ФАО, МККЗР и Международным центром CIHEAM (Международный центр углубленных сельскохозяйственных исследований в Средиземноморском регионе) при поддержке Ближневосточной организации по карантину и защите растений (БВОКЗР) и Европейской и Средиземноморской организации по карантину и защите растений (ЕОКЗР). Это первый международный семинар по Xylella fastidiosa с того момента, как было сообщено об обнаружении этого вредного для растений организма, наносящего огромный ущерб, на оливковых деревьях в 2013 году, Италия. Семинар посетили более 140 участников из 36 стран ...

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FAO COUNCIL 2013 Side Event: IPPC Secretariat reinforces the importance of scientific expertise in standard setting process

Размещено on Птн, 28 Июн 2013, 19:25

Last week, at the 2013 FAO Council Conference side event, “The role of science in determining international standards in food and agriculture,” Dr. Samuel Godefroy, Vice-Chair of CODEX Alimentarius, provided the audience with three poignant images to consider regarding the role science plays in the development and adoption of international standards: The integration of scientific-based evidence, he described, is as vital as the foundation supporting a large building, an anchor preventing a ship from drifting away, and the roots which firmly maintain the health of a large tree. In an introduction, FAO Deputy Director General Ms Maria Helena Semedo stated ...

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From The Tricky Task of Protecting Plants in a Globalized Age

Размещено on Втр, 23 Апр 2013, 22:51

From the FAO Media Center:

International Plant Protection Convention wraps up annual meeting – two phytosanitary standards revised and updated.

12 April 2013, Rome - Odds are, today you ate something that came from another hemisphere. A mind-boggling $1.1 trillion worth of agricultural products are traded internationally each year, with food items accounting for 82 percent of the total.

And where fruit or plants can travel, so too can less-savory characters. Fruit fly eggs hidden in the skins of oranges go unseen. Beetles burrow into wooden shipping pallets and escape detection. Fungal spores worm their way between the seams of metal ...

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