The IPPC Monitoring and Evaluation Framework Stakeholder Engagement Meeting Held in Wellington New Zealand

Размещено on Срд, 25 Окт 2017, 10:53

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IPPC 2017. Meeting participants convened in Wellington, New Zealand to brainstorm and discuss the draft IPPC M&E Framework

The IPPC monitoring and evaluation framework stakeholder engagement meeting was held from 25 - 28th September 2017 in Wellington, New Zealand. The meeting was hosted by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), and attended by ten plant health experts from Belize, Canada, Estonia, New Zealand, Singapore, Tonga and the United Kingdom as well as Mr. Orlando Sosa, IPPC Implementation Facilitation Unit Leader. The meeting was jointly facilitated by Ms. Leanne Stewart, IPPC Implementation Facilitation Officer and Ms. Cecile Kusters, Senior Advisor from the Centre for Development Innovation of Wageningen University.

The purpose of the meeting was to familiarize meeting participants with the main monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and Theory of Change (ToC) concepts, and obtain feedback from participants on the IPPC M&E framework developed so far. It was also purposed to deepen insights into current M&E systems and situations of contracting parties, to feed into the continued development of the IPPC M&E framework. This is a key step closer to improving implementation of the Convention.

The IPPC M&E framework developed so far is a product of several collaborative IPPC Secretariat workshops and meetings between the IPPC Secretariat and the Centre for Development Innovation of Wageningen University. The IPPC M&E framework will seek to understand how the IPPC operates on three levels - the implementation of IPPC frameworks, IPPC policies and procedures, and IPPC Secretariat work areas. It is expected that this will allow for greater responsiveness and improvement of mandate delivery.

The participants discussed best practice M&E activities at the national level, challenging areas, and a way forward for countries. Feedback was collated by the participating IPPC Secretariat representatives and will be used towards the development of national guidance during the second phase of the IPPC M&E project.

Phase 2 of the IPPC M&E project is intended to commence in 2018. At that stage, further engagement with the IPPC Secretariat towards development of the framework is planned, as well as engagement with the CPM Bureau and other IPPC subsidiary bodies.

The development of an IPPC M&E framework works towards the internal IPPC Secretariat goal of One IPPC and the general goal for the IPPC towards 2020 - to increase the overall capacity of the IPPC contracting parties to implement the Convention and its international standards. The IPPC Secretariat is firmly committed to working collaboratively as it continues to develop the IPPC M&E framework.

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