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Deadline for submission of INF papers on CPM agenda items.

Posted on 星期三, 13 三月 2013, 17:49

The IPPC Secretariat would like to remind contracting parties that the deadline for the submission of papers, for existing agenda items, for the Eigth Session of the Commission for Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) as an Information Paper (INF paper) is 1 April 2013.

Any papers received by the Secretariat from contracting parties after this date will be circulated as CPM Conference Room Papers (CRP) during the meeting from 08-12 April 2013.

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Formal objections 14 days prior

Posted on 星期三, 13 三月 2013, 17:49

Formal objections 14 days prior ????

Please be reminded that the deadline for submitting formal objections to the draft standards that will be presented for adoption at CPM-8 is 22 March 2013 (14 days prior to the start of the session). Please refer to CPM 2013/03 document for more details (see

Formal objections must be technically justified (refer to CPM decision 3 on Improving the standard setting process, Appendix 4 of CPM-7 Report...

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SC May 2013 meeting Agenda posted

Posted on 星期三, 13 三月 2013, 17:49

Please be informed that the provisional Agenda for the Standards Committee meeting taking place at FAO, Rome, from 6 to 10 May 2013 has been posted on the Calendar:

For further information, please contact

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Inter-Agency Liaison Group on Invasive Alien Species

Posted on 星期三, 13 三月 2013, 17:49

The IPPC Secretariat and FAO recently hosted the Inter Agency Liaison Group on Invasive Alien Species (IALG-IAS) at FAO Headquarters in Rome. Established in 2011, the IALG on IAS focuses on facilitating global cooperation to prevent the introduction of IAS and on working together in the control or eradication of such threats to ecosystems, habitats, and species. More information is available on the group’s website (

The meeting was very productive...

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Review of the IPPC Dispute Settlement System

Posted on 星期三, 13 三月 2013, 17:49

On 4 - 6 March 2013, members of the IPPC Subsidiary Body for Dispute Settlement (SBDS) met at FAO Headquarters in Rome for their 9th meeting to discuss the status and progress made in the IPPC Dispute Settlement System (DSS). A major task of this meeting was the review of the IPPC DSS based on the experiences of the past 5 years. During the 3-day meeting, the IPPC Secretariat, together with members from Africa, Europe, North America, the Pacific and the Near East, worked to clarify their r...

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IPPC recognizes the International Year of Quinoa (IYQ)

Posted on 星期三, 13 三月 2013, 17:49

FAO has declared 2013 as the International Year of Quinoa (IYQ). The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) recognizes the value of Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa), a staple grain with origins in the South American Andes, in terms of its cultural placement, nutrition, importance in terms of biodiversity and to overall food security. We support the IYQ and its aim to raise awareness and encourage the exchange of knowledge of quinoa production, markets, opportunities and constraints. T...

标签: International Year of Quinoa
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Zimbabwe: the 178th contracting party to the IPPC

Posted on 星期三, 13 三月 2013, 17:49

Welcome to Zimbabwe as the 178th contracting party to the IPPC. This is an important milestone for the country due to their extensive agricultural trade, particularly the export of horticultural crops to Europe and regional trading partners. We are looking forward to re-newing the working relationship with the National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) of Zimbabwe.

The IPPC contact point for Zimbabwe can be found at:

For a brief summ...

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IPPC Moves to New Software Platform

Posted on 星期一, 11 三月 2013, 16:01

The software used to run has changed in order to provide a better experience to our users. We will finally have: 1. Clean URLs — instead of abominations such as 2. More consistent data entry forms. 3. A redesigned homepage giving more focus to current news and events. 4. A responsive layout accessible to devices with small screens such as computer phones[^1]. 5. A more stable software platform w...

标签: New Software PlatformIPPC
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