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Phytoma interview with Mr Jingyuan Xia on climate change and plant health

Posted on 星期三, 16 一月 2019, 13:58

The IPPC Secretary, Mr Jingyuan Xia, has been invited by Phytoma to discuss plant health issue...

Fire ants could become Australia***s worst pest experts warn

Posted on 星期四, 08 十二月 2016, 08:36

Red fire ants could wreak more damage in Australia than feral rabbits, cane toads and foxes co...

Management of pine beetle not working

Posted on 星期一, 05 十二月 2016, 11:49

A method to control the spread of mountain pine beetles-pheromone baiting-may actually help th...

Fruit Flies: conclusions of the meeting of the Tephritid workers held in Buenos Aires

Posted on 星期二, 22 十一月 2016, 11:53

With great success and large attendance of participants, the 9th Meeting of the Tephritid Work...

Citrus greening: imaging system can detect infection before symptoms show

Posted on 星期二, 08 十一月 2016, 15:02

A time-lapse polarized imaging system may help citrus growers detect greening before the plant...

Australia: TR4-infested farm settlement to proceed

Posted on 星期二, 25 十月 2016, 08:35

The settlement of the Queensland farm that tested positive for Panama Disease Tropical race 4 ...

Alien fungus blights Hawaii***s native trees

Posted on 星期二, 25 十月 2016, 08:20

An ecological disaster is unfolding on Hawaii''s largest island. Rapid ''Ôhi''a Death, caused ...

Emerald Ash Borer May Become a Problem for Olive Growers

Posted on 星期二, 25 十月 2016, 08:08

Professor Don Cipollini has found that the invasive green beetle can feed and successfully dev...

How a USDA worker became an action-adventure comic character

Posted on 星期一, 10 十月 2016, 10:23

Just how does a humble federal worker in Washington end up as a rugged explorer in a widely sy...

International Conference on Biodiversity Climate Change Assessment and Impacts on Livelihood

Posted on 星期三, 28 九月 2016, 16:22

An International Conference on Biodiversity, Climate Change Assessment and Impact on Livelihoo...

Innovation in Plant Biosecurity 2017 - do you want to know more?

Posted on 星期三, 28 九月 2016, 08:40

Innovation in Plant Biosecurity 2017 will be hosted by Fera at the National Agri-Food Innovati...


Posted on 星期一, 29 八月 2016, 10:19

生物入侵曲线对于教学和宣传都非常有意义。 更多阅读


Posted on 星期三, 24 八月 2016, 11:26



Posted on 星期三, 24 八月 2016, 11:10

面对毁灭性的作物病虫害,非洲需要大力提升其植物监测能力。非洲农业上番茄斑潜蝇(Tuta absoluta )的紧急情况再次引起了关于非洲保护其当地农业生产和加强国际贸易方面的能力方面问题的...



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