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New Sunflower Pest Reference Serves as Key Guide for Researchers, Professionals

Posted on 星期四, 19 五月 2016, 16:55

A new book titled, Compendium of Sunflower Diseases and Pests, is the latest tool to protect the yield and quality of this globally significant crop. It includes nearly 300 images and research-based management recommendations to help academics and professionals identify and manage a range of plant diseases and insect pests.

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Gridlock over Italy’s olive tree deaths starts to ease

Posted on 星期四, 19 五月 2016, 16:14

A court ruling paves the way for disease-containment measures, but the risk of spread to other regions and nations remains. This article can be found in Nature and is written by Alison Abbott.

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Posted on 星期三, 18 五月 2016, 10:36


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Posted on 星期四, 12 五月 2016, 11:20

通过贸易输入的森林有害生物每年造成数以亿的损失,美国的森林主以及人民为大部分的损失埋单。与现在海量上升的贸易相匹配的阻止新的有害生物蔓延的努力却不够,如果想延缓国家森林的损失,必须在这方面更下功夫。 更多信息.

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Posted on 星期三, 11 五月 2016, 08:47





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Posted on 星期三, 04 五月 2016, 08:59

手工艺品的生物安全手册-适用于太平洋岛群区域以及周边的手工艺品贸易和运输要求,现已发布。这个手册是由LRD的生物安全和贸易部门编制的,也是太平洋植物保护组织的一项成果。是澳发署资助的太平洋园艺和农业市场准入(PHAMA)计划下的产出。这个手册的主要目的是向利益相关者提供手工艺品在这个区域内运输的所有的要求。 更多信息

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Posted on 星期三, 04 五月 2016, 08:51




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Posted on 星期一, 02 五月 2016, 14:57

在孟加拉国发生的麦瘟病从遗传角度来看与之前在巴西鉴定的麦瘟病病原非常相似。这些遗传相似种是在巴西的麦田,以及 Eleusine indica (牛筋草) 和 Cenchrus echinatus [毛刺草] 的种子上收集到的。

来源:世界卫生网. 更多信息:

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Devastating wheat fungus appears in Asia for first time

Posted on 星期四, 28 四月 2016, 17:34

Fields are ablaze in Bangladesh, as farmers struggle to contain Asia’s first outbreak of a fungal disease that periodically devastates crops in South America. Plant pathologists warn that wheat blast could spread to other parts of south and southeast Asia, and are hurrying to trace its origins.

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Ash dieback disease in UK - hope for a resistant strain

Posted on 星期五, 22 四月 2016, 16:34

Scientists identify first tree to show strong tolerance to the disease raising hopes of developing a resistant strain:

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North African workshop on “the fight against the red palm weevil” ‘Rhynchophorus ferrugineus’ and the “Xylella fastidiosa” bacteria

Posted on 星期五, 15 四月 2016, 16:56

The Sub regional office of the FAO for North Africa supported the Arab Maghreb Union (UMA) and the Near East Plant Protection Organization (NEPPO) in organizing a workshop for Maghreb in order to revitalize and strengthen the exchange and cooperation between the countries of the sub-region in the protection of plants against the menace of two main pests threatening the date palms production (the red palm weevil) and olive trees (the Xylella fastidiosa bacterium).

Given the urgency o...

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Cassava in south-east Asia under threat from witches' broom disease

Posted on 星期五, 15 四月 2016, 09:53

Climate change menacing yet another food crop by fuelling explosion in pests and diseases that are attacking cassava plants:

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Biodiversity brings disease resistance, study suggests

Posted on 星期一, 11 四月 2016, 10:05

A novel study of a Tibetan alpine meadow has shown a clear link between higher biodiversity and greater infectious disease resistance. The researchers say it provides further strong evidence that maintaining biodiversity among the world's species should be a high priority. Continue reading…

Black wattle's new biogeographic distribution threatens flight safety in China

Posted on 星期一, 11 四月 2016, 10:00

Black wattle, flowering trees also known as Australian acacia, have been observed to rapidly invade local airports in Yunnan province, southwestern China. According to the ecologists, this alien species and its fast spreading populations are to lead to new threats for both local biodiversity and flight safety. The five Chinese scientists have their findings and suggestions for immediate measures against the invasion. Continue reading…


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