The IPPC Secretariat Brainstorming on Teamwork and Team Spirit

Posted on Fri, 21 Jul 2017, 07:25

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Teamwork is the yearly theme for the IPPC Secretariat in 2017. To emphasize this, on 14 July 2017, a brainstorming session on teamwork and team spirit was organized during the 2017 Mid-year meeting of the IPPC Secretariat. The brainstorming session was chaired by Mr Jingyuan Xia, the IPPC Secretary, moderated by four keynote presenters, Ms Sarah Brunel, Ms Céline Germain, Ms Alejandra Jimenez Tabares, Mr Piotr Wlodarczyk, and attended by all IPPC Secretariat s staff.

The brainstorming was started by a presentation Teamwork and Team Spirit developed and delivered by the four keynote presenters. It recalled the main principles of teamwork and team building. The highlights of the presentation were:

  • IPPC Secretariat s staff members ideas about teamwork
  • Ways to show the teamwork
  • Possible obstacles to effective teamwork
  • Practices to apply in a team
  • Strengthening a team identity
  • Examples (NPPOs, RPPOs, IPPC Secretariat, ...)
  • Brainstorming - possible improvements of the IPPC Secretariat s teamwork.

The presentation was followed by an exercise, where the IPPC Secretariat staff members were requested to assess their own personality profiles according to a presented model. The assessment allowed to identify the personality profiles of the IPPC Secretariat s team members and showed the variety of personalities in the team.

The brainstorming was concluded by the IPPC Secretary Xia, who emphasized the importance of teamwork and team spirit by showcasing the positive developments that happened in the IPPC Secretariat in recent years. He further explained why, what, how and who to promote the teamwork and team spirit. He urged the entire Secretariat staff to be actively engaged in and positively contribute to the teamwork and team spirit so as to move toward One IPPC.

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