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SPC publishes Biosecurity Manual for Handicrafts

Posted on Mié, 04 May 2016, 06:59

BIOSECURITY MANUAL FOR HANDICRAFTS - Requirements for trade and movement of handicrafts in the Pacific Island Region and beyond has been published. This manual is produced by the Biosecurity and Trade Division of LRD and has been an outcome of …

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An emerging biotype of Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle Discovered in the Pacific

Posted on Mié, 04 May 2016, 06:51

The discovery of a new biotype of Coconut rhinoceros beetle (CRB), Oryctes rhinoceros, is an imminent threat to the livelihoods and economy of Pacific Islanders reliant on coconut, oil palm and other palms.

The new biotype, known as CRB-Guam was …

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Blast disease of wheat in Bangladesh: a Brazilian origin?

Posted on Lun, 02 May 2016, 12:57

The wheat blast strains in Bangladesh are genetically very similar to wheat blast strains previously identified in Brazil. The genetically most similar strains were collected in Brazilian wheat fields and on associated weeds Eleusine indica (goose grass) and Cenchrus echinatus …

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Invitación a la comunidad de la CIPF a participar activamente en el seminario del FANFC sobre certificación electrónica SF

Posted on Lun, 02 May 2016, 12:48

La certificación electrónica, específicamente ePhyto, cada vez es más importante para el futuro de la certificación fitosanitaria en la comunidad de la CIPF. Por esta razón la CIPF necesita participar activamente en la certificación electrónica para garantizar una comprensión común …

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