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IRSS Study 2012 The Internet Trade (e-Commerce) in Plants: Potential Phytosanitary Risks

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This study showed that a significant number of websites offering sales and distribution of plants and plant products did not specify the restrictions or requirements for importation into specific countries, nor did the majority of these identify the source countries or locations from which they ship their products. As sales of plant products via the internet increase, many regulated articles are often traded without the necessary phytosanitary certificates required by the importing country. E-commerce has become more common and convenient that it presents a pathway by which small and often uneasily recognizable consignments of plants and plant products have been moving across international borders and across continents. The study largely showed that regulated articles ordered over the internet are routinely not accompanied by appropriate phytosanitary certificates during import. The study provides recommendations that national plant protection organizations (NPPOs) can adopt to address the phytosanitary risks associated with online trade in plants and plant products.

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