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Draft ISPMs posted to November Standards Committee meeting

Posted on Чт, 25 Авг 2011, 08:10

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The IPPC Secretariat has posted two SC-7 revised draft ISPMs for review by the Standards Committee (SC) meeting:

2004-022 Draft ISPM Systems approach for pest risk management of fruit flies (Tephritidae) and 2005-002 Draft ISPM Integrated measures for plants for planting in international trade. These draft ISPMs are available on the IPP (www.ippc.int) for NPPO and RPPO Contact Points and for all SC members. To access these documents please log on to the IPP and paste the following web link into your browser (https://www.ippc.int/index.php?id=1111026).

The Report of Standard Committee and Standard Committee working group (SC-7) are also posted on the IPP (https://www.ippc.int/index.php?id=13355).

If you have any concerns with these two draft ISPMs, please contact your Standards Committee member (https://www.ippc.int/index.php?id=1110798&frompage=13355&tx_publication_pi1[showUid]=179715&type=publication&L=0) well in advance of the November 2011 Standards Committee meeting.

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