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New recommendations for improving the way IPPC standards are developed

Posted on Ср, 24 Авг 2011, 08:10

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As requested by CPM-6 a Focus Group on Improving the IPPC Standard Setting Process was convened in July 2011 at EPPO Headquarters in Paris and concluded that current procedures provide a thorough, transparent and consensus-based standard setting process for general standards as well as diagnostic protocols and phytosanitary treatments. However the Focus Group is recommending the following five major points be considered by CPM to help improve the current IPPC standard setting process:

The CPM should no longer draft text and all draft standards presented to the CPM for adoption should be subject to formal objection only The CPM should delegate the authority to adopt diagnostic protocols to the Standards Committee The Standards Committee should assign one Standards Committee member to be the regional coordinator for each FAO region, this would help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the IPPC standards setting process A Framework for Standards should be developed. A task force funded by extra budgetary funds should be convened to carry out this task There should be only one standard setting process, with slight modifications for technical standards (i.e. diagnostic protocols and phytosanitary treatments A full report of the meeting will be posted on the IPP in mid September 2011.

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