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Strengthening the Bilateral Cooperation of the IPPC with the United States of America

Posted on Пт, 27 Июл 2018, 10:52

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On 26 July 2018 an IPPC delegation composed of Dr. Jingyuan Xia (IPPC Secretary), Mr. Craig Fedchock (IPPC Adviser) and Dr. Shoki AlDobai (IPPC Integration and Support Team Lead) met at FAO-HQs with representatives from the US Mission to Rome-based UN Agencies, Mr. Tommie Williams (incoming Minister Counselor for Agriculture) and Mr. Bryce Quick (outgoing Counselor for Agriculture) at FAO-HQs.

The IPPC Secretary Xia welcomed the US delegates, and wished Mr. Williams success in his new tenure. He briefed the US delegates about the IPPC, its importance as global plant health standard setting and implementation organization, as well as its achievements and contribution to promoting global food security, protecting the environment and facilitating safe trade. The US delegates were also informed about the organizational structure, core functions, budgetary situation and increasing challenges of the IPPC Secretariat.

The US delegates acknowledged the important role of the IPPC as one of the WTO-SPS standards setting bodies (three sisters), and its contribution to prevent the spread of the plant pests and facilitate international trade by setting International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs), and building the capacity for the Contracting Parties (CPs) to implement these standards. The US delegates emphasized the importance of strengthening the implementation component of the IPPC and provide sufficient resources for capacity development to ensure better implementation of ISPMs by developing CPs. The US delegates also recognized the budgetary constraints to the IPPC work programme, which are negatively affecting the sustainability of the IPPC Secretariat and the stability of its staff. They assured the IPPC Secretariat about their intention to work together with partners and other CPs to advocate for the IPPC initiative on sustainable funding.

On behalf of the IPPC community and the IPPC Secretariat, the IPPC Secretary Xia expressed his high appreciation and gratitude to the US government for their continuous and generous support to the IPPC work programme and the IPPC Secretariat s core activities, including financial, in-kind and technical support.

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