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Strengthening the Bilateral Cooperation of the IPPC with the United States of America

Размещено on Птн, 27 Июл 2018, 12:52

On 26 July 2018 an IPPC delegation composed of Dr. Jingyuan Xia (IPPC Secretary), Mr. Craig Fedchock (IPPC Adviser) and Dr. Shoki AlDobai (IPPC Integration and Support Team Lead) met at FAO-HQs with representatives from the US Mission to Rome-based ...

A Keynote Address on Plant Health and Environmental Protection presented by the CBD Executive Secretary at the CPM-13 Opening

Размещено on Втр, 17 Апр 2018, 11:35

The 13th Session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM-13) of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) officially launched on 16 April 2018 at FAO Headquarters in Rome, Italy. Dr Cristiana Pasca Palmer, Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological ...

Содействие сотрудничеству между МККЗР и ВТамО

Размещено on Втр, 08 Мар 2016, 07:25

4 марта 2016 года в штаб-квартире ВТамО в г. Брюсселе, Бельгия, прошла двусторонняя встреча, посвященная содействию сотрудничеству между МККЗР и Всемирной таможенной организацией (ВТамО). МККЗР представляли г-н Джиньюэн Шья / Jingyuan Xia (Секретарь МККЗР) и г-н Крейг Федчок / Craig Fedchock (Координатор ...

Укрепление сотрудничества между МККЗР и ЕС

Размещено on Втр, 08 Мар 2016, 07:22

1 марта 2016 г. в штаб-квартире ЕС в г. Брюсселе, Бельгия, пошла двусторонняя встреча, посвященная укреплению сотрудничества между МККЗР и Европейским союзом (ЕС). В делегацию МККЗР, возглавляемую г-ном Джиньюэнем Шья / Jingyuan Xia (Секретарь МККЗР), вошли г-н Крейг Федчок / Craig Fedchock ...

Working together makes sense

Размещено on Чтв, 12 Дек 2013, 11:26

The New Zealand Government has announced a new tool in the fight against unwanted pests with its approval of a formal partnership agreement with agriculture industries. Under the Government Industry Agreement (GIA) for Biosecurity Readiness and Response, government and industry ...

Celebration of 25 Years of Cooperation and Coordination among Regional Plant Protection Organizations!

Размещено on Пнд, 30 Сен 2013, 12:54

Uruguay, August 2013- The 25th Technical Consultation among Regional Plant Protection Organizations was held in Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay, from 24th -30th August 2013.

Celebrating 25 years, the Technical Consultation among Regional Plant Protection Organizations is a critical element of ...

IPPC/CABI Plantwise Collaboration Initiated

Размещено on Чтв, 05 Сен 2013, 20:42

In recent efforts to improve collaboration on joint activities, the IPPC and CABI Plantwise have agreed to initiate secondments between their organizations to increase transparency and effectiveness. The IPPC Secretariat at FAO Headquarters in Rome welcomes Ms. Katherine Cameron, Knowledge ...

Improving coordination and cooperation with the WTO

Размещено on Срд, 13 Фев 2013, 19:22

Recent discussions between the Secretariats for the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and the World Trade Organization s SPS Committee were held with the objective of improving coordination and cooperation. As the IPPC has a formal role of standard setting ...



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