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Biodiversity Liaison Group Issues Joint Statement for UN Sustainable Development Summit

Posted on 星期三, 30 九月 2015, 15:04

The seven Secretaries of the Liaison Group of Biodiversity-related Conventions (BLG), of which the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) is a member, issued a joint statement in advance of the UN Sustainable Development Summit which took place from 25-27 September at UN Headquarters in New York. The full text of the statement.

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Posted on 星期二, 29 九月 2015, 18:36




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IPPC Regional Workshop for the Near East and North Africa (2015)

Posted on 星期五, 25 九月 2015, 08:37

The 2015 IPPC Regional Workshop for the Near East and North Africa was held 14-17 September, in Amman, Jordan, and there were 40 participants from 14 contracting parties and West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Workshop was organized by the FAO Regional Office for the Near East (FAO-RNE), the Jordan Plant Protection Organization and the IPPC Secretariat; and it was funded by FAO-NRE as well as from the IPPC Trust Fund.

The Workshop was co-chaired by Ms Fida'a Ali Al-Rawabdeh, Head of the J...

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November 2015 SC meeting: provisional agenda

Posted on 星期二, 22 九月 2015, 18:03

The 2015 November Standards Committee (SC) meeting will be held at the FAO Headquarter in Rome, Italy, from 16 - 20 November and the provisional agenda is now available. In addition, national plant protection organizations (NPPOs) and regional plant protection organizations (RPPOs) are able to download from the restricted SC area on the IPPC website the draft spec...

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Two new IPPC Diagnostic Protocols Adopted!

Posted on 星期二, 22 九月 2015, 17:58

Two new Diagnostic Protocols (DPs) on Ditylenchus destructor and Ditylenchus dipsaci, and Genus Anastrepha Schiner - DP 8 and DP 9, respectively – were adopted by the Standards Committee on behalf of the CPM as Annexes to ISPM 27 (Diagnostic protocols for regulated pests). These two draft DPs were subject to the IPPC 45-days notification period, which closed on 15 August 2015.The complete list of 标签: DpISPM 27Ditylenchus destructorDitylenchus dipsaciGenus Anastrepha Schiner
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Message from the Chairperson of CPM Ms. Kyu-Ock YIM

Posted on 星期五, 18 九月 2015, 16:17

Update from the CPM Bureau

August 2015


First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Contracting Parties and delegates of CPM-10. It was the first CPM for me as a chairperson and I know it would not be successful without your active participation and cooperation. I felt warmly supported and a strong collective interest to move issues and decisions forward throughout the CPM week. Since CPM-10, there have been many meetin...

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IPPC Secretariat Participates in Tenth Meeting of the Biodiversity Liaison Group

Posted on 星期四, 17 九月 2015, 10:58

IPPC Secretary, Jingyuan Xia, and IPPC Coordinator, Craig Fedchock, were active participants in the tenth meeting of the Biodiversity Liaison Group made up of the seven sustainable development agreements (SDAs) in Geneva on September 16.

The agenda covered a wide variety of topics, and the IPPC reported on developments related to activities related to the International Year of Plant Health proposal, ...

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IPPC Regional Workshop for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (2015)

Posted on 星期四, 17 九月 2015, 10:49

The 2015 IPPC Regional Workshop for Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia organized by the FAO Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (REU), the All-Russia Center for Plant Quarantine (VNIIKR) and the IPPC Secretariat, took place during the week of September 7 in Bykovo, Russia. Representatives from 12 National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs) in the region participated in workshop activities. The Workshop was chaired by Mr. Leonid Pleshko, Director of the NPPO of ...

标签: Regional WorkshopEastern EuropeCentral Asia
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Dispute avoidance and settlement towards 2020

Posted on 星期一, 14 九月 2015, 12:34

Rome, Italy, 9 – 11 September 2015. The 12th meeting of the IPPC Subsidiary Body for Dispute Settlement (SBDS) was held at the FAO Headquarters in Rome and the chairpersonship of Ms Mennie Gerritsen-Wielard (Europe Region member). Members from Africa, Europe, North America, Latin and Caribbean America and the Pacific, met along with the IPPC Secretariat to discuss the status and progress made in the IPPC Dispute Avoidance and Settlement System (DASS).

Great focus wa...

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11 submissions received in answer to the 2015 Call for topics for the IPPC standard setting programme

Posted on 星期四, 03 九月 2015, 15:25

The 2015 Call for topics for the IPPC standard setting programme closed on 14 August 2015.

The IPPC Secretariat has received 11 submissions in answer to the call. All the submissions received have been posted at:

They will be presented to the Standards Committee (16-20 November 2015 meeting) for review.

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Posted on 星期二, 01 九月 2015, 16:08


讲座已录制并且现在已在我们的YouTube频道:IPPC Channel 上线,敬请关注!

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