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Strong Support from the IPPC for promoting the phytosanitary control services in the Central Asia

Posted on ثلاثاء, 19 يوليو 2016, 10:03

The Central Asia is an important agricultural region, where crops such as cereals, cotton, fruits, grapes and vegetables are grown and produced on a large scale. Agricultural production, processing, and related services remain an important source of income in many ...

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The 1st Training Workshop on the PCE Facilitators Successfully Organized in Ronciglione Italy

Posted on إثنين, 18 يوليو 2016, 17:08

Held in Ronciglione, Italy, from June 27th - July 9th, the 1st training workshop on the Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation (PCE) facilitators brought together nine carefully selected phytosanitary experts from the MENA and the Eastern Europe regions and 13 staff of the ...

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Updated General presentation to IYPH is available

Posted on خميس, 14 يوليو 2016, 11:40

The updated General presentation to IYPH was prepared by Finland and made available on the YIPH page in the Toolbox:

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Enhancing Georgia's plant protection system through the use of the PCE

Posted on أربعاء, 13 يوليو 2016, 19:16

The IPPC Secretariat together with the FAO has launched a Technical Cooperation Programme Facility (TCPF) project to conduct a Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation (PCE) of the phytosanitary system of Georgia at the request of the National Food Agency (NFA) of the ...

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Release of New IPP Homepage: A new image of the IPPC towards 2020

Posted on ثلاثاء, 12 يوليو 2016, 12:44

Today is a historic day for the IPPC community as a new IPP homepage is released on 12 July 2016 by the IPPC Secretariat. This is also a milestone for the IPPC community to move towards 2020. The new IPP ...

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Supporting Food Security in the Middle East North and Horn of Africa

Posted on خميس, 07 يوليو 2016, 16:50

With the support of the IPPC Secretariat and the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, NPPO staff in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) and Horn of Africa regions are working towards strengthening their ...

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Government of Japan's support strengthens activities of the IPPC Secretariat programme on Capacity Development

Posted on خميس, 07 يوليو 2016, 16:46

The government of Japan s provision of funds to the IPPC has enhanced its capability for targeted support for improving the phytosanitary capacity of developing countries.

In 2012, the IPPC welcomed a significant extra-budgetary and technical contribution from the Government ...

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Compiled comments from consultation on draft DPs now posted

Posted on جمعة, 01 يوليو 2016, 15:29

Dear Sir / Madam,

Compiled comments for the consultation on draft Diagnostic Protocols have been posted on the IPP:

Please check the above documents to make sure that comments correctly reflect those entered into ...

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