The Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM)

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The IPPC is governed by the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM), which was established under Article XII of the New Revised Text of the IPPC, approved in 1997, and serves as the Convention's governing body. The CPM meets during March or April each year at FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy, to promote cooperation to help implement the objectives of the IPPC. In particular, the Commission:

  • reviews the state of plant protection around the world

  • identifies action to control the spread of pests into new areas

  • develops and adopts international standards

  • establishes rules and procedures for resolving disputes

  • adopts guidelines for the recognition of regional plant protection organizations; and

  • cooperates with international organizations on matters covered by the Convention

The members of the Commission are the contracting parties to the Convention and are responsible for implementing the work programme of standards development, information exchange and capacity building. Commission meetings are attended by contracting parties and by observers from organizations such as the Regional Plant Protection Organizations, the WTO Sanitary and Phytosanitary Committee, the Standards and Trade Development Facility, and the Convention on Biological Diversity. Meetings also host a scientific session for discussion of important issues. Past sessions have covered topics such as pest movements through food aid shipments and the potential impact of climate change on the spread of invasive alien species.

CPM documents are posted on this page as they become available. Due to the fact that the CPM documents are created in a template which supports only .docx format and not all users can open this format, we will only post the documents in PDF.

Please note that in 2014, the effort continues to reduce the amount of paper used at CPM. As in 2013, there will be a very limited number of copies of the papers available. Please download your own documents or download them onto your computer.

Please note that in some cases English version of the CPM document has been revised after first time posting on IPP, before the other language versions were available. The new revised document in English is now named : En_rev.01. Please note that these changes reflect to all language versions, but the other language versions are not posted as revisions in that case.

Publications (75)

See reports from previous years here: CPM previous years

Agenda Item Number Document Number Title File Website
Presentations from CPM-9 En - Compressed PDFs - 45.5MB
20 CPM 2014/CRP/13 Declaración del GRULAC sobre problemas de traducción - (Spanish only) Es
09.1; 09.2 CPM 2014/CRP/12 Standards Committee and Subsidiary Body on Dispute Settlement - Memberships and Potential Replacements - Revision of Annexes to CPM 2014/10 En
18 CPM 2014/CRP/11 Memberships and Replacements of the CPM Bureau - Revision of Annex of CPM 2014/12 En
08.2 CPM 2014/CRP/10 Process for Adopting Recommendations - Revision of the document CPM 2014/07 En
10.2.1 CPM 2014/CRP/09 Revised Recommendations (Revision of the CPM 2014/20) En
20 CPM 2014/CRP/08 IPPC Secretariat Enhancement Evaluation En
09.4.1 CPM 2014/CRP/07 Adjustments to the List of topics for IPPC standards - III Recommendations (CPM 2014/04) – proposed changes En
09.5; 09.4.1 CPM 2014/CRP/05 Modification of Provisional Detailed Agenda - Prepared by Guatemala and OIRSA En Es
08.2 CPM 2014/CRP/06 Proposal from COSAVE countries on Agenda item 8.2 En
09.4.1 CPM 2014/CRP/03 Proposal from COSAVE countries on Agenda item 9.4.1 En
09.4.2 CPM 2014/CRP/04 Proposal from COSAVE countries on Agenda item 9.4.2 En
10.6 CPM 2014/CRP/02 Success Stories, African Countries Fr En
03 CPM 2014/CRP/01 Declaration of Competences and Voting Rights submitted by the European En
02 CPM 2014/31 List of Documents (English only) En
02 CPM 2014/INF/15 Proposed Modification of Provisional Detailed Agenda En Es
10.2.2 CPM 2014/INF/14 Resource Mobilization Efforts and Results En
10.4.2 CPM 2014/30 ePhyto and ePhyto Hub Feasibility Study: Report of the Activities of the ePhyto Steering Group - (in English only) En
10.4.2 CPM 2014/INF/13 Summary of the findings of the ePhyto Hub Feasibility Study En
20 CPM 2014/29 Implications of WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation - (in English only) En
09.4.1 CPM 2014/INF/12 Adjustments to the List of topics for IPPC standards - Prepared by the United States En
20 CPM 2014/INF/11 Flashdrive Table of Contents En
10.1 Link to the Strategic Planning Group Meeting Report - June 2013 En
08.2; 09.4.2; 09.4.3; 10.2.1; 15 CPM 2014/INF/10_Rev_01 Statements from the European Union and its 28 Member States regarding various CPM agenda items En_Rev_01
14.3 CPM 2014/INF/08 Coordinator’s Report on activities of the Interamerican Coordinating Group in Plant Protection, April 2012-April 2014 Es En
20 CPM 2014/INF/09_Rev.01 Proposal for IPPC Secretariat Enhancement Study prepared by Canada and the United States Fr_Rev_01 Es_Rev_01 En_Rev_01
12 CPM 2014/27 National Reporting Obligations En Fr Ru Es Zh Ar
14.3 CPM 2014/INF/07 IICA Report En Es
13.1 CPM 2014/28 IPPC Communications Needs Assessment Results - (in English only) En
07 CPM 2014/26 IPPC Secretariat Report 2013 En_rev_01 Zh_simplified Ru_simplified Es_simplified Fr_simplified Ar_simplified
14.2.3 CPM 2014/INF/06 CBD Report En
09.02 CPM 2014/INF/05 Formal Objections to Draft ISPMs presented to adoption to CPM-9 (2014) En
10.3 CPM 2014/25 IPPC 2013 Financial report En_Rev_01 Fr Ru Zh Ar Es
14.1 CPM 2014/INF/01 Summary Report of the Twenty-five Technical Consultation among Regional Plant Protection Organizations En
14.2.1 CPM 2014/INF/03 WTO SPS Report En
14.3 CPM 2014/INF/02 IAEA Statement En
14.2.2 CPM 2014/INF/04 STDF Report En
08.1 CPM 2014/21 IPPC Secretariat's Relationship with Other Organizations En_Rev_01 Ar Zh Fr Ru Es
10.5 CPM 2014/24 IPPC Implementation Review and Support System En Es Ru Zh Ar Fr
09.4.3 CPM 2014/23 Update on the Topic: Minimizing Pest Movement by Sea Containers (2008-001): processing of the draft standard through the IPPC standard setting process En Zh Ar Fr Ru Es
16.2 CPM 2014/22 Recommendations by the SBDS on the Review of the IPPC Dispute Settlement En Es Ru Zh Ar Fr
Link to the Local Information document Local info
Information sheet on CPM-9 training and side-sessions En_Rev_01 Ar_Rev_01 Zh_Rev_01 Fr_rev_01 Ru_rev_01 Es_rev_01
Example of Credentials Ar En Fr Es
CPM-9 Invitation Letter En Fr Es Ar
10.2.1 CPM 2014/20 Strengthening Implementation of the IPPC and ISPMs En_Rev_01 Zh Ar Fr Es Ru
09.3 CPM 2014/19 Adjustments in translations of International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures at CPM-8 (2013) En_Rev_01 Zh Ar Fr Ru Es
10.3 CPM 2014/15 IPPC 2014-2015 Biennium Operational Budget En_Rev_01 Fr Ru Es Zh Ar
02 CPM 2014/02/Rev.01 Provisional Detailed Agenda En_Rev_01 Ar_Rev_01 Zh_Rev_01 Ru_Rev_01 Es_Rev_01 Fr_Rev_01
09.1 CPM 2014/18 Report of the Activities of the Standards Committee En Ar Zh Ru Es Fr


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