Language Review Groups (LRGs)

Construction of the Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel (Brueghel) the Elder, 1563.

The established Language Review Groups are invited to review ISPMs adopted at CPM meetings and to submit comments through their coordinator to the IPPC Secretariat within 3 months since they have been advised that the adopted ISPMs have been published on IPP. The CPM-8 agreed to allow 7 months to the LRG for Russian to review the standards adopted at its session.

For detailed information and guidance on the LRG procedure, please see the document “Procedure to correct errors in International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs) in language versions other than English after adoption”, posted below as amended at CPM-8.

Should a member wish to join a LRG, please contact the appropriate LRG Coordinator (contact details below) and use the form which can be downloaded from this site.

Chinese LRG

Coordinator: Mr Liu Hui

Ministry of Agriculture

No. 20 Mai Zi Dian Street, Beijing, China 100125

Phone: +86 10-59194524


For more information on the Chinese LRG click here.

TPG focal point for Chinese: Ms Hong Ning -

French LRG

Coordinator: Vacant

TPG focal point for French: Ms Laurence BOUHOT-DELDUC -

Russian LRG

Coordinator: Vacant

TPG focal point for Russian: Mr Andrei Orlinski -

Spanish LRG

Coordinator: Ms Beatriz Melcho

Comité de Sanidad Vegetal del Cono Sur (COSAVE)

Av. Paseo Colón 315

C1063ACD Buenos Aires



How to join the Spanish LRG: Spanish speaking new members should contact their respective NPPO. Other interested potential members should contact the LRG's coordinator.

TPG focal point for Spanish: Beatriz Melcho -

2013-04-24: The ISPMs adopted at CPM-8 were posted under the Adopted Standards section. These versions will be updated after the review by the Language Review Groups for Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.

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