Standards Committee (SC)

The IPPC Standards Committee (SC) and Secretariat in November 2013

The first session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM-1 (2006)) established the Standards Committee (SC). The SC consists of 25 members from each of the seven FAO regions: four members each from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Near East; two from North America; and three from Southwest Pacific. The current membership of the Standards Committee is posted below.

The SC is responsible for:

The Standards Committee Working Group (SC-7)

Seven SC members (one from each region) are selected by the SC to form the SC Working Group (SC-7). The SC-7 supports the work of the SC in the detailed consideration of draft ISPMs and specifications.

The SC-7 is responsible for:

  • examining all of the substantive member comments (including proposed amendments) from member consultation on draft ISPMs, identified by the steward
  • reviewing and revising draft ISPMs prepared by the stewards in response to member comments and proposing revisions to the SC
  • drafting SC responses to substantive member comments not incorporated into the draft ISPM, as identified by the steward
  • proposing which changes to draft ISPM should be considered further by the SC
  • explaining the proposed revisions to draft ISPMs to the SC as required
  • performing other functions regarding draft standards and specifications as directed by the SC

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