Call for proposals for Successes and Challenges in Implementation

Posted on Wed, 08 Jan 2020, 08:02

Deadline on Fri, 28 Feb 2020, 22:55

IPPC contracting parties, RPPOs and CPM observers will have the opportunity to share their success stories or to propose solutions to their challenges on issues that would be of interest to the IPPC Phytosanitary Community during the CPM-15 (2020) related to the implementation of the IPPC, ISPMs, CPM Recommendations and the IPPC Strategic Framework.

Please send your proposal to Sarah Brunel ([email protected]) by the 28th of February 2020 (no proposal will be accepted after that date), with a one page summary in an official FAO language detailing the following five points:

  1. The proposed title of your presentation
  2. What is the challenge or success you are dealing with
  3. How you dealt successfully with it
  4. What the effect – or anticipated effect - of your action
  5. How your story can inspire or help others

Cases will be selected using the following criteria:

  • Relation of the case proposed to the CPM and IPPC Secretariat’s priority areas of work (e.g. Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation conducted, activities related to recent pests outbreaks or e-commerce);
  • Clarity and conciseness of the case;
  • Potential interest and usefulness to members of the IPPC community.

All cases meeting the above criteria will be compiled into a CPM document.

A maximum of 5 cases will be further selected by the IPPC Secretariat based geographic representation and diversity of the issue for a 5 minute intervention by the submitter.

Past cases of successes and challenges in implementation presented during CPM-14 in 2019 are available at:

This is a great opportunity to share your experience and inspire the phytosanitary community! Don’t miss it!

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