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Call for topics

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2018 Call for Topics: Standards and Implementation

As agreed by the 13th Session of the Commission of Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) in 2018, a combined call for topics for Standards and Implementation resources to be included in the IPPC work programme is being made for the first time in 2018. The call is made every two years.

More information on this new process can be found here.

The 2018 call for topics: Standards and Implementation starts on 1 May 2018 and ended on 31 August 2018.

Previous calls for topics for Standards:

The IPPC Secretariat makes a call for topics every two years. Contracting parties (CPs) and regional plant protection organizations (RPPOs) submit detailed proposals for new topics or for the revision of existing ISPMs to the IPPC Secretariat. The call for topics is a call for "technical areas", "topics", "diagnostic protocols (DPs)" and Glossary terms. It does not include phytosanitary treatments (PTs), for which a separate call for PTs is made.

Submissions should be accompanied with a draft specification, a literature review and justification that the proposed topic meets the CPM-approved criteria for topics (available in the IPPC Procedure Manual). To indicate a broader need for the proposed topic, submitters are encouraged to gain support from CPs and RPPOs in other regions.

The IPPC Secretariat compiles a list of the proposed topics from the submissions received. Submissions from previous years are not included, but IPPC members may re-submit these, as appropriate.

The Standards Committee (SC), taking into account the IPPC Strategic Framework and the Criteria for justification and prioritization of proposed topics, reviews the submissions. The SC reviews the List of topics for IPPC standards (including subjects), adding topics and giving each topic a recommended priority. This list is recommended to the CPM. The CPM reviews, changes and adopts the List of topics for IPPC standards, including assigning a priority for each topic.
A revised List of topics for IPPC standards is made available in all official UN languages.

Annually the SC reviews the List of topics for IPPC standards and recommends changes (including deletions, or changes in priority) to the CPM. In exceptional circumstances, in response to a specific need, the SC may recommend an addition to the List of topics for IPPC standards.
In any year, when a situation arises in which an ISPM is required urgently, the CPM may insert such a topic into the List of topics for IPPC standards.

The latest call for topics took place in 2015. This page presets details for that call for topics.

2015 Call for Topics

The 2015 call for topics started on 5 June and ended on 14 August. Please access the Call for topics 2015 page clicking here for further details regarding the call.

Please review the documents below:

  1. Call for Topics Letter (English, Spanish, French)
  2. Submission form for IPPC standard setting work programme topics - 2015 (English, Spanish, French) (Note: Posted on 2015-06-05)
  3. Procedures for identifying topics and priorities for standards (English, Spanish, French)
  4. List of Topics for IPPC Standards

All documents were submitted by the National IPPC Official Contact Point, in electronic format to [[email protected]].

Submissions received in answer to the 2015 Call for Topics

The call for topics closed on 14 August 2015. The IPPC Secretariat received 11 submissions in answer to the call for topics. The submissions received are posted below (2015-001 to 2015-011). They were presented to the Standards Committee 2015 November meeting for review.

This web page was reviewed on 2017-10-18. For queries or comments regarding the contents of this page, please contact [email protected]

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