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Clearance (of a consignment): Verification of compliance with phytosanitary regulations [FAO, 1995]

Compliance procedure (for a consignment): Official procedure used to verify that a consignment complies with phytosanitary import requirements or phytosanitary measures related to transit [CEPM, 1999; revised CPM, 2009]

Entry (of a consignment): Movement through a point of entry into an area [FAO, 1995]

Import permit: Official document authorizing importation of a commodity in accordance with specified phytosanitary import requirements. [FAO, 1990; revised FAO, 1995; ICPM, 2005]

Phytosanitary import requirements: Specific phytosanitary measures established by an importing country concerning consignments moving into that country [ICPM, 2005]

Phytosanitary measure: Any legislation, regulation or official procedure having the purpose to prevent the introduction or spread of quarantine pests, or to limit the economic impact of regulated non-quarantine pests [ISPM 4, 1995; revised IPPC, 1997; ICPM, 2002]

Point of entry: Airport, seaport, land border point or any other location officially designated for the importation of consignments, or the entrance of persons [FAO, 1995; revised CPM, 2015]

ISPM 5 Glossary of phytosanitary terms

IPPC Guides and training materials

  • e-learning course on Phytosanitary Inspection (Available in English)
    The e-Learning course will introduce key concepts on Phytosanitary inspection and plant pests, import verification systems and methodologies for sampling consignments. It will provide practical guidance to assist National Plant Protections organisations (NPPOs) and authorised inspection personnel in conducting an inspection in a safe and efficient manner for specific commodities such as horticultural produce and cut flowers, live plants, tubers and bulbs, seeds, nuts, grains and woods.
  • Operation of a National Plant Protection Organization (Available in English, French and Russian): A guide to understanding the principal requirements for operating an organization to protect national plant resources from pests
  • Import Verification (Available in English, French and Russian): A guide to import verification for national plant protection organizations

Contributed resources

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This reference standard is a listing of terms and definitions with specific meaning for phytosanitary systems worldwide. It has been developed to provide a harmonized internationally agreed vocabulary associated with the implementation of the IPPC and ISPMs.

Country information

The country page shows the contact information of the IPPC Official Contact Points of the IPPC Contracting Parties and local contacts of non-Contracting parties and Territories. Under the contact information, it lists the public national reporting obligations which shall be reported by the contracting parties via this Country page. These obligations include reporting of (1)Designation of an Official IPPC Contact Point, (2)Description of the NPPO, (3)Phytosanitary requirements, restrictions & prohibitions, (4)List of entry points, (5)List of regulated pest, (6)Pest report and (7)Emergency action.

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