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Beyond Compliance tools

The Beyond Compliance tools (developed with STDF funding) are offered as templates, with instructions for use, in order to build a Systems Approach, as described in ISPM 14 (The use of integrated measures in a systems approach for pest risk management). The aim is to help NPPOs go beyond simply complying with pest risk management plans proposed by trade partners, towards a more informed and confident stance of negotiation. Their use also supports the development of combinations for managing pest risk associated with pathways, since single measures are often not sufficient to prevent introductions. The templates allow users to save multiple versions for an iterative development of plans. Facilitators have been trained to support the use of the Beyond Compliance tools for those wishing to employ Systems Approach. Two tools are provided: the Decision Support for System Approach (DSSA), and the Production or Pathway chains.

Decision Support for Systems Approach (DSSA)

Production or Pathway Chain

VERY IMPORTANT: Read here about regional settings before opening the DSSA template

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