IC Sub-groups and teams

The IC establishes Sub-groups to address specific implementation and capacity development issues . The IC also determines in their terms of reference the tasks, duration, membership and reporting duties of these Sub-groups. The IC has agreed to establish the following three Sub-groups:

  1. Dispute Avoidance and Settlement (DAS)
  2. Implementation, Review and Support System (IRSS)
  3. Sea Container Task Force (SCTF)
  4. NRO
  5. PCE tool
  6. Web-based Information
  7. Projects

Terms of Reference (TOR) approved by the IC for each Sub-group are posted on the IC Sub-group’s web page. The IC Sub-group Rules of Procedure (ROP) are posted below.

This web page was last updated on 2020-03-24. For further information please contact [email protected].

Title Files Publication date
IC Sub-groups Rules of Procedure En 08 Jul 2019

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