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Container Cleanliness Industry Advisory Group (CCIAG)


Recognizing that industry involvement in the SCTF was essential, the Friends of the Chair at CPM-16 (2022) suggested that the CPM consider establishing an industry advisory body through the silent-consent process. The SCTF chairperson also recalled that one point made in the Friends of the Chair meeting was that the CPM needed to be open to industry-led solutions that could be applied in combination with IPPC-specific guidance.

In this regard, the CPM-16 (2022) agreed to establish an industry advisory body on sea containers and have its chairperson as a member of the focus group.

Container Cleanliness Industry Advisory Group

The Container Cleanliness Industry Advisory Group (CCIAG) will provide advice, suggestions and recommendations to the IPPC Secretariat and the CPM Focus Group regarding container cleanliness to include the interior and exterior of intermodal freight containers and their cargoes, and risks of pest contamination in the international containerized supply chain.

The Terms of Reference will provide advice on the CPM Focus Group and the IPPC Secretariat.

The representatives of Global Shippers Forum, World Shipping Council, International Chamber of Shipping, FIDI Global Alliance (FIDI Aisbl), ICHCA International, BIC (Bureau International des Containers et du Intermodal), Container Owners Association, and International Association of Movers (IAM) are present in the group, and the membership is posted below.

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Title Files Publications date
CCIAG membership list 08 Aug 2022
CCIAG Membership list En 09 Aug 2022

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