Current expert consultation on draft DPs (ECDP)

2023-03 Expert Consultation on draft diagnostic protocol started on 03 March and ends on 31 March

Experts worldwide are invited to submit comments on one draft diagnostic protocol (DP) under the work programme of the Technical Panel on Diagnostic Protocols (TPDP).

The schedule for the Expert Consultation and the title of the draft DP to comment on are as follows:

Pospiviroid species (except Potato spindle tuber viroid (DP 7)) (2018-031)

Please consider that your input and feedback are important to improve the quality of the draft DPs at this early stage! The draft DPs at this stage are in English only.

Deadline: 31 March 2023


   Content of protocols

Draft Protocols

Title Status Closing Date
2018-031_Pospiviroid species (except Potato spindle tuber viroid (DP 7)) OPEN 31 Mar 2023

In order to download and comment on a draft diagnostic protocol, please email to
[email protected] to request access to the protocol you are interested in.

In your email, please specify:

  • Your institution
  • The draft protocol you want to comment upon
  • Your specific expertise in relation to this draft protocol.
Please note: All protocols posted in this page are draft documents not yet adopted. Please do not copy.