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SPG 2016

The Strategic Planning Group (SPG) group is an informal working group, which undertakes specific activities on behalf of the CPM, relating to the planning and prioritization of the various elements of the work programme including with the main focus on strategic issues. **2016-08-16** This meeting is organised under the work programme of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM). It will be convened in FAO HQs from Tuesday 4 October to Thursday 6 October 2016 starting at 9:00 am. The SPG is held in English only. You are requested to confirm your participation by providing full contact details by simple email directly to Ms Ida Mancini ([email protected]) no later than **7 August 2016** in order to finalize local arrangements. Please forward such discussion papers to Craig Fedchock ([email protected]) no later than **September 15** so they may be added to the agenda and posted on the IPP The provisional agenda, the invitation letter and any working papers will be soon posted here. You are kindly requested to download the documents and bring them with you as they will not be made available at the meeting. Please check the relevant page frequently for updates prior to the meeting and should you have problems in this respect, you can contact Ms Paola Sentinelli ([email protected]). Please refer to the letter invitation letter posted below for further details **2016-08-16** Provisional agenda and document 04_SPG_2016_Oct_ICPaperToSPG were posted. The agenda is only provisional and will be updated accordingly.

Doc # Agenda # Title Files Publications date
01_SPG_2016_Oct 02. Provisional Agenda En 03 Oct 2016
04_SPG_2016_Oct 09.1 Proposal for Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (IC) Paper to SPG En 16 Aug 2016
Invitation Letter En 16 Aug 2016
02_SPG_2016_Oct 03.1 Documents list En 03 Oct 2016
06_SPG_2016_Oct 10.2 Future needs for Phytosanitary Treatments En 09 Sep 2016
07_SPG_2016_Oct 10.3 Sea container complementary action programme En 09 Sep 2016
05_SPG_2016_Oct 08.1 Emerging Issues En 09 Sep 2016
08_SPG_2016_Oct 10.4 International research collaboration En 13 Sep 2016
03_SPG_2016_Oct 03.1 Participants list En 04 Oct 2016
09_SPG_2016_Oct 12.1 Triennial review group of the IRSS En 14 Sep 2016
10_SPG_2016_Oct 07.4 Strategic issues related to CPM recommendations and NROs - Revised 2016-09-20 En 20 Sep 2016
11_SPG_2016_Oct 08.2; 08.3 Establishment of short and long-term financial support En 16 Sep 2016
12_SPG_2016_Oct 08.4 Ideas for a 2020 Donor’s Conference En 16 Sep 2016
13_SPG_2016_Oct 09.4 Review of the Framework for Standards and Implementation En 20 Sep 2016
14_SPG_2016_Oct 11.1 Matrix for International Cooperation - Revised 2016-09-19 En 19 Sep 2016
15_SPG_2016_Oct 10.1 Strategic issues associated with pest diagnosis – EU paper En 27 Sep 2016
16_SPG_2016_Oct 07.3 Building and structuring a Thematic Year for Plant Health and Trade Facilitation (2017) En 27 Sep 2016
17_SPG_2016_Oct 06.1 IPPC contribution to achieving UN SDGs for 2030 agenda En 29 Sep 2016
18_SPG_2016_Oct 07.1 IPPC Strategic Framework 2020-2030 En 30 Sep 2016
19_SPG_2016_Oct 07.1 Proposal to establish an IPPC format for a regular phytosanitary conference: the “International Phytosanitary Conference” En 03 Oct 2016

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