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Current objections to the adoption of ISPMs


Draft ISPMs submitted for adoption by the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) are posted on the CPM page in languages at least six weeks before the CPM meeting opening. Following the IPPC Standard Setting Procedure adopted by CPM-7 (2012), and amended by CPM-11 (2016), contracting parties (CPs) may submit objections on draft ISPMs to the IPPC Secretariat no later than three weeks before the start of the CPM session.

If all CPs support the adoption of the draft ISPM, the CPM should adopt the ISPM without discussions. If a CP does not support the adoption of the draft ISPM, the CP may submit an objection. An objection must be accompanied by technical justification and suggestions for improving the draft ISPM, which are likely to be acceptable to other CPs and submitted to the IPPC Secretariat. Concerned CPs should make every effort to seek agreement before CPM. The objection will be added to the CPM agenda, and the CPM will decide on a way forward.

An objection should be a technically supported objection to adopting the draft standard in its current form, sent through the IPPC Official Contact Point (OCPs).

The Secretariat makes all objections available at the start of the CPM in a CPM information document (posted under the relevant CPM session).

As necessary, the Standards Committee will address the objection and prepare responses (posted below).


Please refer to CPM 2024/10 document for more details.

Please submit your objection in English using this online form: Online form for submitting objections to the adoption of ISPMs.

According to the IPPC procedures, the submissions can be accepted only from the IPPC OCPs. Hence, please make sure that in the “Email of the IPPC Official Contact Point” field, your email address is correct, as you will receive an automated email from the IPPC Secretariat after you have submitted your application.

If you would like to submit the form in another FAO official language or provide attachments, please send it to [email protected] with a copy to [email protected] and [email protected], using the templates provided below.

The deadline to submit an objections to the adoption of ISPMs is: 25 March 2024.

The status of the call is: closed.

This web page was last reviewed on 2024-03-26. If you find any incorrect information on this page, please contact Ms Adriana Moreira ([email protected]) and Mr. Daniel Torella ([email protected]).

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