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Emergency measures to address the risk of introduction of peanut smut (Thecaphora frezii) in peanuts from countries where peanut smut is recorded

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Aug. 4, 2021, 6:46 a.m.
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Recent publication (Rago et al. 2017) highlighted the increased risk of peanut smut (Thecaphora frezii) associated with peanuts produced in Argentina. Australia considers there is insufficient information to determine that the risk of peanut smut is being managed to achieve Australia’s appropriate level of protection under current import requirements. In particular, the risk associated with raw or unprocessed peanuts imported from Argentina into non-metropolitan processing facilities that are located in peanut production areas in Australia. Therefore, pending the outcomes of Australia’s review of the pest risk and the risk management measures, Australia has implemented the following emergency measures to address this potential risk: • Raw or unprocessed peanuts produced in countries where peanut smut is recorded must be inspected or tested by the National Plant Protection Organisation (NPPO) according to appropriate procedures and be considered free from peanut smut and other biosecurity pests. The below additional declaration must be included on a Phytosanitary Certificate: "The plant product(s) were inspected and found free from peanut smut (Thecaphora frezii)." • Temporary suspension of the importation of raw and unprocessed peanuts from Argentina to be processed in a facility located in a peanut growing area in Australia, pending a review of the pest risk and the establishment of management measures that will reduce the risk of peanut smut to achieve Australia’s appropriate level of protection. • The import conditions for peanut seed for sowing will be changed to include peanut smut as a target pest while plants are being grown for disease testing/screening in post entry quarantine stations.

References Alejandro MR, Cazon LI, Paredes JA, Molina JPE, Conforto EC, Bisonard EM and Oddino C. 2017. Peanut smut: from an emerging disease to an actual threat to Argentine peanut production. Plant Disease 101: 400-408.

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