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Absence of Phytophthora meadii from Australia

Publication Date
Fri, 11 Apr 2014, 00:00
Last Updated
June 30, 2015, 5:01 a.m.
Report Number
Pest Id
Phytophthora meadii - (PHYTMD)
Report Status
Pest Status (old values from ISPM 8 -1998 )
  • Absent: pest records unreliable
Pest Status (ISPM 8 - 2021)
  • Absent: pest records invalid
Geographical Distribution

There are no reliable primary records of this species in Australia. Stamps (1985) and CABI (2013) report Phytophthora meadii as present in Queensland, citing CMI 1982 and 1989 respectively. CMI reports that specimens are in the International Mycological Institute (IMI) Herbarium. There are eight records of P. meadii in the IMI Herbarium (Herb IMI 2013), seven of which have been collected by B. Brown in 1971 and 1977. The remaining specimen was collected by Snow in 1977. Brown (1999) reports soil sampling for Phytophthora species in Queensland tropical rainforests between 1975 and 1982, identifying a species as ‘near’ P. meadii at 23 sites, most of these in central Queensland. No other primary references could be found to indicate that P. meadii is present in Australia. Experts from Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Murdoch University and the University of Queensland were consulted and reported having no P. meadii in their collections. Additionally, all Australian states and territories have confirmed that P. meadii is absent from their states, which is supported by routine surveillance activities. Therefore, P. meadii is considered to be absent from Australia. Hosts of the pest are Acacia mearnsii, Aglaonema nitidum cv. curtisii, Ananas comosus, Areca catechu, Catharanthus roseus, Cocos nucifera, Dianthus caryophyllus, Elettaria cardamomum, Euonymus japonicas, Ficus, Hevea brasiliensis, Leea coccinea, Piper betle, Prunus persica, Solanum melongena, Theobroma cacao, Thryptomene saxicola, Vanilla planifolia, Zantedeschia aethiopica. References Brown B (1999) Occurrence and impact of Phytophthora cinnamomi and other Phytophthora species in rainforests of the wet tropics world heritage area, and of the Mackay region, QLD. In Gadek P (ed) Patch Deaths in Tropical Queensland Rainforests 41–76. Report, Rainforest Cooperative Research Centre, Cairns. CABI (2013) Phytophthora meadii Datasheet. http://www.cabi.org/cpc/?compid=1&dsid=40977&loadmodule=datasheet&page=868&site=161# Accessed June 2013. CMI (1982) Distribution maps of plant diseases. Phytophthora meadii. Map No. 548. Commonwealth Mycological Institute http://www.cabi.org/dmpd/FullTextPDF/2005/20056500548.pdf Accessed June 2013. CMI (1989) Distribution map of plant diseases. Phytophthora meadii. Map No. 548. Commonwealth Mycological Institute. http://www.cabi.org/dmpd/?loadmodule=review&page=4050&reviewid=101653&site=165 Accessed June 2013. Herb IMI (2013) International Mycological Institute (IMI) Herbarium records for fungus Phytophthora meadii. http://www.herbimi.info/herbimi/results.htm?name=Phytophthora meadii Accessed June 2013. Stamps DJ (1985) Phytophthora meadii. IMI Descriptions of Fungi and Bacteria, 84, Sheet 834. http://www.cabi.org/dfb/?loadmodule=review&page=4048&reviewid=9943&site=159 (Accessed May 2013

Confirmation of absence
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Australian Chief Plant Protection Officer Australian Government Department of Agriculture GPO Box 858 Canberra ACT 2601 [email protected]
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