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First Detection of Bactocera invadens In Botswana

Publication Date
Thu, 30 Sep 2010, 00:00
Last Updated
Sept. 29, 2010, 9:01 a.m.
Report Number
Pest Id
Bactrocera invadens - (BCTRIN)
Report Status
Citrus spp are under immediate threat plus tomato, pepper, man and several wild fruits which are grown or present in this area in Botswana
Pest Status (old values from ISPM 8 -1998 )
  • Transient: actionable, under surveillance
Pest Status (ISPM 8 - 2021)
  • Present: transient
Geographical Distribution
42 Bactrocera invadens specimens were detected in Cuelure and methyl eugenol baited fruit fly traps in Chobe farms and at Kazungula ferry border post adjacent to Namibian and Zimbabwean borders. The coordinates for the specific traps where specimens were

The detection of B. invadens in Botswana called for an emergency incursion response which is accepted internationally and in accordance to the international standards. The management strategy for the pest has been drawn and implemented with immediate effect. The strategy involves 1) to conducting a delimiting Survey 2) implementing an eradication procedures and 3) employ a trace back investigation for future re-infestation management and 4) quarantining area (Chobe District) where the fruit fly has been detected. That is no B. invadens host fruits will be allowed to leave the Chobe district.

Danger: Potential spread or establishment of Bactrocera invadens into other production areas where its presence may impede the export potential of the relevant host commodities affected
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