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New organizational structure of the central level of SAG Institution

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  • Organizational Arrangements of Plant Protection
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March 26, 2019, 1:13 p.m.
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New organizational structure of the central level of the SAG, which is effective as of March 2019. The most relevant: • The National Subdirectorate is created, which groups 4 Departments: 1. Laboratories and Quarantine Stations, 2. Commercial Transactions and Authorization of Third Parties, 3. Administration and Finance Department and 4. Personnel

• Subdirection of Operations that groups 5 Divisions 1. Plant Protection, 2. Livestock Protection, 3. Renewable Natural Resources Protection, 4. Border Control Division, 5. Seeds

• The International Affairs Division is separated into the "International Negotiations Department", forming part of the National Director's Advisory Staff and the "Border Control Division" is created, which will depend on the Subdivision of Operations Divisions.

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Mr. ALVARO SEPULVEDA LUQUE [email protected]
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National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO)
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New SAG organization chart

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