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Biosecurity Act 2008 Section 10 -13 Biosecurity points of entry and departure for the movement of regulated articles (a) any animal or fish product; (b) any plant or plant product; (c) any living organism, whether modified or not; (d) soil, sand, gravel and aggregate; (e) any genetic material; (f) human remains; (g) any host material; (h) a regulated pest or disease; (i) any clothing, machinery or other article that contains or has adhering to it anything mentioned in paragraph (a), (b), (c) or (d); (j) garbage; (k) Any other article, substance, goods or thing declared by the Secretary in writing under subsection (2) to be a regulated article for the purposes of this Act;

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Ngatoko Ta Ngatoko Director of Biosecurity Service IPPC Contact Point E mail [email protected]
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