Report of Raoiella indica Hirst *Red Palm Mite* DOMINICA

Publication Date
Wed, 16 Nov 2005, 00:00
Last Updated
Nov. 15, 2005, 9:01 a.m.
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Raoiella indica - (RAOIIN)
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is an important pest of coconut (cocos nucifera) and areca palm (Areca carechu L)banana and plantain (Musa sp)
Pest Status
  • Unknown
Geographical Distribution
red palm mite is found Island wide R. indica can be easily dispersed. Dispersion is caused by wind currents, the transportation of infested leaves from one area to another either through commercial activities it any other movements .

Red palm mite, coconut palm leaf mite, date palm, scarlet mite, crimsom mite.

Economic Importance in Dominica This recent invader R. indica is of great agricultural significance, not only to the individual farmers but to the economy on a whole. Immense damage is being done to the major export crop banana, and other crops such as plantain, coconut and palms, especially Balizier. Currently, R. indica is major concern to banana which is a major economic crop in which the majority of farmers, both part time and full time cultivate. Providing this modern predicament is not controlled or exterminated rapidly, there will be a decrease in revenue for the country. There will be a rising need for pesticides along with human resource will be greatly required which will result in a major loss for the farmers in both foreign and local trade. The plantain crop is also a very important crop. On a weekly basis, plantain
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