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Pilot Electronic Platform For The Confirmation Of Authenticity of Egyptian Phytosanitary Certificates

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 The Egyptian NPPO has established an Electronic Platform for the confirmation of authenticity of Egyptian phytosanitary certificates through the following link ( http://www.capq.gov.eg/Exporting/PhytosanitaryCertificate/Index) as a trade facilitating measure and to overcome the challenges of exchanging the phytosanitary certificates within Covid-19 outbreak,

 Through this platform, trading partners can easily confirm the authenticity of the Egyptian phytosanitary certificates which could be a copy delivered by the exporter / importer by entering the certificate number and login with a secured password then the original phytosanitary certificate will be downloaded and authenticity can be confirmed .  All trading partners who are interested in using the this platform shall send an official request to the NPPO of Egypt through [email protected] & [email protected] and the NPPO will provide a password according to the request sent.

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[email protected]
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