Notification on the detection of Bactrocera invadens in Swaziland

Publication Date
Fri, 07 Jun 2013, 00:00
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June 6, 2013, 9:01 a.m.
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Bactrocera invadens - (BCTRIN)
Report Status
Citrus spp are under immediate threat. Other products under threat include man, guava, tomato, pepper (Capsicum spp) and several wild fruits
Geographical Distribution
Bactrocera invadens has been detected in Methyl Eugenol baited fruit fly traps in the northern parts of Swaziland border with South Africa at Matsamo (25° 45′ 02S 31°27′ 57E). Further detections have been in north east parts namely Mananga (25° 56′ 01S 31°45′ 40E)also along the border with South Africa and Lomahasha (25° 59′ 24S 31°59′ 45E)on the border with Mozambique. Isolated once-off cases recorded in central and eastern Swaziland. The central detections were from produce markets

Bactrocera invadens was first detected in Methyl Eugenol bait traps in Matsamo and Ngonini in northern Swaziland along the northern border. Subsequent detected have been recorded in Mananga and Lomahasha in the north eastern part of the country.

Isolated and once-off cases have been recorded in fruits and vegetable market places in the central and eastern parts of Swaziland. In all cases the pest was positively identified by the NPPO, referred to the entomologist at the University of Swaziland and further sent to an external fruit fly expert for verification.

The NPPO has divided Swaziland into three parts to facilitate implementation of an effective delimiting survey and control. These areas are: The Northern region being the risk area where there have been consistent detections; the Central region being the central parts of Swaziland where once off detections have been recorded such as market places and production areas. The southern part of the country is the pest free area with regard to B. invadens. The NPPO has intensified the delimiting survey in areas where the pest has been detected, i.e. northern and central parts of the country.

The infested areas in the north have had application of protein bait sprays and the deployment of male annihilation blocks in the production areas on-going in production areas and other affected areas within that region. The central region of the country remains vulnerable to the pest so male annihilation blocks are to be deployed at key points such as productions areas and markets.

Risk of spread and establishment of Bactrocera invadens in production areas thus threatening export of fruits and vegetables to international markets
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