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Desert Locust Invasion

Event Reporting
  • Emergency Actions
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Last Updated
April 28, 2020, 9:20 p.m.
Short Description

On 19th of March until the writing of this event; Iraq has been experienced very huge swarms of Desert Locust. Those swarms have been came from Iraq South and South-East Borders.

The swarms mostly included Mature Locust Individuals were their matching and yet eggs being occurred excessively into the country borders.

Detailed information have been documented into lists (being provided by FAO specialists) those have been written and filled in Iraq local language (Arabic), within the invaded areas.

Those lists being gather together, packaged and sent to the FAO proper channels, and that will be done for the next period of time.

Emergency Actions have been taken by Iraqi National Plant Protection Organization with the support of; Ministries of (Agriculture, Health, Defence and Interior) and; the Local Governments of the invaded Provinces and Regions, in addition to FAO bureau in Baghdad.

There will be more details and information in such a report to be well written and sent to FAO proper Channels and yet to be upload to the country page within IPPC online portal.

Contact for Info
Iraq National Plant Protection Organization (Directorate of Plant Protection) DG; [email protected] IPPC/National Page Editor; Dr. Sadeq Abbas [email protected]
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