Implementation of ISPM No.15 from April 2007

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Based on the result of a pest risk analysis for wood packaging material, Japan amended its Import Plant Quarantine Regulation (MAF Notification No.206, 1950). This amendment to it was published on 6 October 2006 and will be put into force on 1 April 2007. With a view to harmonizing our regulation with the international standards, definition of wood packaging material and measures for it in the regulation is equivalent to that provided in ISPM No.15. Wood packaging material treated and certified according to ISPM No.15 will not be subject to import quarantine procedures. Wood packaging material without the mark (Annex II, ISPM No.15) will be inspected at ports of entry by plant quarantine officers for confirmation of compliance with the regulation. Detection of a quarantine pest constitutes non-compliance, and which is, according to Japanese domestic law, it is subject to disinfestation, incineration or re-shipping by consignee’s choice according to the Japanese domestic law.

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